Thursday, November 5, 2009

WOW! Walmart has Halloween things marked down 75%

This is our house decorated for Halloween!

So I went to Walmart yesterday to do some grocery shopping and I was surprised to see their Halloween items marked down to 75% off already! They didn't have much along the lines of candy left, but I did manage to get some of the bags of the pumpkins, that remind me of candy corn :) Our local school doesn't have Halloween parties, but instead Fall Festivals the second week of November so I will be sending the pumpkins with my son for his class. I didn't need to buy any candy anyway as I had bought 2 walmart bags full to hand out to Trick Or Treaters and well living on a dead end street has its dis advantages because we only got 4 visitors the whole night :(
A friend of mine picked up 8 costumes for my little Miss E so that she can play dress up. So for those who don't celebrate Halloween they still have some VERY cute costumes that your little ones can use as dress up clothes! I know alot of people don't think of this, but I called and ask her and well all together she bought 27 costumes to use as dress up outfits LOL! They had doctors, princesses, lady bugs, pumpkins and more so check out the Halloween aisle for some super cheap dress up clothes!

Carving our Jack O Lantern Mr Z, Miss B, and Miss E in her TuTu

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