Monday, November 23, 2009

Well my hubby had his week vacation...and now I am back :)

Thanksgiving countdown banner

Well my husband M had his week long winter vacation :) We didn't go anywhere but instead stayed home so he could work on the addition. Our home has come a LONG LONG way from being the very 80's looking home we bought in February 2006. No longer are the walls covered in paneling and wall paper with colors of blue and mauve. Long gone are the gold fixtures in the bath room and the very very tiny kitchen that meant the dining room would have to house our stove and fridge. And once the addition is done we will have 4 bedrooms instead of just 2, and with baby #5 on the way we DEFINITELY need those 2 extra bedrooms! Not to mention that the oldest 3 kids will be upstairs and me and my hubby and the 2 little ones will be done stairs in the new part of the house. AND the best part..... I will FINALLY get to have a regular full size washer and dryer! I have been here with a very small stacked one piece apartment style washer and dryer combo and oh how nice it will be to finally be able to do a whole load of laundry at once! And the best part of all of what we have accomplished is knowing that we did IT ALL ourselves! I knew a bit about wood working since my grandpa owned his own business when I was growing up, and I spent pretty much every summer going to work with him when I was little. And the demolition part was easy too! I mean I had no problem ripping out paneling, walls, flooring etc. But when it came to hanging new drywall, taping and mudding it and sanding I was scared to death! Not to mention plumbing, laminate wood floor installation, carpet installation and more. And I learned quickly how to figure out the square foot of any space as well (who knew it was SO easy to figure out LOL)
And once the addition is done my oldest daughter B will have her VERY OWN ROOM complete with her very own Queen size bed! She is only 11 but has pretty much always had to share a room with one of her brothers so this will be an extra special occasion for her as well! Once me and my hubby get moved out of that room I am going to block it off so that she can't see it until I am completely done re-decorating it so that she has a TOTALLY new room! We have already added new drywall, paint, carpet and new ceilings so I will just have to make it personalized for her. It has been a long adventure but a fun one! I will post some pictures later once I get them uploaded :) 

And as so many of us know Thanksgiving is drawing very near... today I made sure to get the turkey out so it could thaw out and I decided on my menu. It will just be me, my husband and our 4 kids so I don't have to cook a whole lot because otherwise I would have left overs for a month! But there are some of us that like corn pudding and some who don't so that leads to 2 different corn dishes...and so on :)

~Our Thanksgiving Menu~
Turkey (of course)
Mashed Potatoes
Green Beans cooked with bacon and onions
Corn Pudding
Whole Kernel corn
Sweet Yeast Rolls
Pumpkin Pie
Apple Crisp
Yummy milk to drink

We are going out this coming weekend to find a tree to put up for Christmas so that I have time to put away all of the Fall - Thanksgiving decor. Which is a whole other topic...but let me say I am having a VERY hard time deciding on Christmas decor! ALL of ours got ruined last year due to water leaking into the large tote I had it all stored in. The kids had been in the storage room and knocked the lid off and a bad wind storm led to some loose shingles and well you pretty much know the rest :(
So this year I have to get new everything!

Well its almost 11am and my time is up here on the computer. I have some things to get done....I really think I got LESS done last week with my husband home than I normally do so I have to play catch up this week.... Of course Thanksgiving is already going to make it hectic so it will be VERY busy!

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

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