Monday, November 23, 2009

Simplifying Christmas....

I saw the link to this in the Econobusters Newsletter from "Molly Green" and I had to go take a look!  Well with 4 kids I am ALL ABOUT making Christmas easy for us! I think Christmas, like most other holidays, should be about family and traditions but with 4 kids who "want" things. I remember when I was younger my stocking had an apple, orange, some nuts, a candy cane and a pair of gloves :) I was delighted with those things.... and I loved the handmade doll I got when I was 4 and her handmade clothes and blanket. And the next year I got a "barbie" doll house my grandpa made his self and it was furnished with all handmade wooden furniture he made as well. My grandma sewed curtains for all of the rooms along with cushions for all of the furniture and sheets etc! It was the BEST Christmas present EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved to get homemade Christmas presents when I was younger.... but to some people now-a-days seem to turn their noses up at homemade Christmas presents. Granted I am 29 I would still love to get a homemade doll LOL!

So with that said I thought that joining in on the Simplifying Christmas idea would be PERFECT for us!
Be sure to check out the link below the picture above so you too can sign up to join!

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  1. Hello there! Thanks for joining! I just wanted to remind you that the meme is underway and we are on day three.

    Just jump in any time!

    I *LOVE* the memory you shared about your favorite Christmas. You sound just like Laura Ingalls!

    Tomorrow that is going to be our subject. Favorite Christmas Memories that involved something *simple* and why it was so special to us.

    So far we have talked about Budgets and Gift Lists, Christmas Cards, and Today is about Shopping.

    So please hop over when you get the chance. Read other's blogs and comments on my blog to get ideas, or even see other's struggles with keeping Christmas Simple.

    And I revealed what the prize was on Day one. So make sure you take a look at that!

    Love your blog!♥