Thursday, October 29, 2009

Raindy Days Weather....and the flu :(

Well the weather here has been rain rain and more rain! It has rained all week, sometimes a slow drizzle and other times a steady down pour. The kids are tired of being cooped up in the house all week as well as the fact that we have not been able to do much regarding outdoor activities either. We were supposed to go on a Nature Walk/Fall Scavenger Hunt as well as gather leaves for leaf rubbings, but with so much rain we haven't been able to do any of that. I did manage to find some great sites with some printable lap book activities and coloring pages for them as well as some fall stationary for writing practice.
I also found this lovely blog Frugal Family Fun Blog with a great idea to make an awesome Autumn Tree Suncatcher craft! All you need is some clear contact paper, tissue paper, construction paper, scissors, and your creativity! She has TONS of frugal crafting ideas on her blog and my kids have picked out a few already that we plan to make :)
I am still not back to feeling 100% while dealing with the H1N1 flu, and I am sure being pregnant makes it a little harder for me to get rid of the "flu bug" that is hanging on tight! Emma is not feeling well either, so I have been trying to make her feel comfy, which means she gets to lay on mommys lap pretty much all day :)

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