Friday, December 4, 2009

Busy getting ready for the holiday...

Heart of a Mommy's Blog Be sure to check out her Simplifying Christmas Meme she is hosting! It's an AWESOME IDEA!!!!!! and We are definitely going with that in our home this year! So be sure to check back every day for new posts about Simplifying Christmas

So I have been thinking about some more simple ways to celebrate Christmas here at our home. And my main focus right now is getting a tree and getting it decorated :) I do put up a Christmas Tree every year as all 4 of the kids enjoy a tree and they are all still young. This year we are doing a Candy Land theme for Christmas!

It is so simple and so SWEET! We are getting a tree for free from an old closed down Christmas Tree farm, we just have to do some looking to find one thats the right size and full enough. It will probably resemble the Charlie Brown Christmas tree LOL but that is perfectly ok with us :)

Tonight me and my husband are going to browse some stores to see what items we can find that are needful items for the kids. Needful items are socks, under wear, PJ's, clothing etc not toys or other things that will be forgotten after 10mins of play ;) Plus it's nice for us to be able to get out for a bit, though we are taking E (my 18mth old) with us. She is stuck to her mommy like glue lately, which is just fine with me because I know one day she won't want to even hug me... just part of them growing up. And with Isaacs arrival date, Jan 23rd, getting closer and closer this may be one of the few times I am able to get out before he makes his arrival :)

Now back to my simple Christmas plans.....
I found some styrofoam balls in my craft stash along with some popsicle sticks so those will be turned into lollipop ornaments (pics coming soon!) and I also found a walmart bag full of mardi gras beads someone gave us that will be turned into Christmas tree bead garland. I picked up some bright colored candy canes to hang on the tree, for decoration as well as treats for the kids. For along the walk way I plan to make some lollipops out of styrofoam and wooden dowels, and I will be sharing that craft as well this coming Monday so be sure to keep an eye out! This Saturday is another traditonal day for our family as we go to the Breakfast with Santa at our local church. This year they are taking canned items for the food pantry and each of the kids will take in two cans of food to donate. As part of another family tradtion this coming Sunday we will be putting up the table top nativity set, we do this each year on the first Sunday of December. It is nothing fancy, just a simple nativity set, but then again the place where Jesus was born was nothing fancy either :)

Blessings to everyone and I wish you a wonderful Weekend! I will be back tomorrow with more on our Simple Christmas!

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