Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Busy Busy Busy.....

It has been so busy around here lately! Doctors visits for all 5 kids, including trips to the dentist and eye doctor for 3 of them as well. Still busy working on the addition and hoping to have it done this weekend!!! Me and my husband will FINALLY have a bedroom down stairs, which means room switches for almost everyone. My oldest daughter will move into our old room, and finally have a room of her own, the two oldest boys will stay in their room but will finally be getting it re done! And my two littlest ones will move into their own NEW room downstairs next to mine and my husbands new room! We have beautiful teak wood flooring, a dark moss/olive green colored walls and one wall will be faux brick that goes wonderfully with the green on the walls. On that wall will be a fake fireplace, with the fake logs that look like they are burning, and the rest of the room with be done in a somewhat Rustic French Country theme......large plaid prints, large florals, and solids!!! I am SO excited!

Please today is the 1st of September which means it is what I consider FALL!!!!!! My FAVORITE time of year and I will be sharing tons and tons of FRUGAL decorating ideas very soon!

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