Monday, September 27, 2010

Win your own Silhouette from Blue Cricket Designs Blog!!!!

I read orange

That's right my dears! Your eyes do not deceive you! The generous folks from Silhouette are here to make a crafters dream come true!

About a month ago I had a very magical delivery day! A beautiful new toys was dropped on my doorstep and ever since then I've been discovering more and more reasons why I love my new Silhouette!

I have always wanted a craft cutting machine but the expense of all the cartridges always scared me away! Silhouette is different then other craft cutters and works with your PC! Digital images are already included and others can be bought individually from their online store! So no more expensive cartridges that are full of designs but you only like a small percentage of them! This way allows you to pay for only what you want! And guess what....they giveaway free design downloads every week!

Remember my Lunch Time Love Notes project? The silhouette made making those sweet little notes so simple and easy!

And I fell in love with the idea of making my own stencils! Once again the Silhouette made it all possible!

There are endless things this little machine can do and the best part is that it's only limited to your imagination! Scrapbookers aren't the only ones who can have fun! I for one am not a scrapbooker but I still get plenty of use and have endless ideas on what I want to create next!

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