Friday, June 26, 2009

Sorry I am so behind on posts....

Where does the time go to?
I have been so busy around the house lately that I haven't been online much to blog. The kids got a new pool, so that took about 3 days to put up because we had to get the area ready, plus get the chemicals balanced etc. Plus I went a de-cluttering spree, which isn't done yet, and I got rid of a van load of stuff we didn't need. Plus it has just been too hot for the kids to go outside so I have spent aot of time thinking of things for them to do inside.
My husband is taking vacation in July, the 10th through the 19th, so we went today to check out camping sites so we could pick the one that we want to camp in for a couple of days. We are also going to go to the Science Museum, St. Louis City Museum, Transportation Museum and the St. Louis Zoo while my husband is on vacation... so that will be a busy 9 days :)
This coming week I will be posting recipes for Yougurt as well as how to make your own cream cheese, butter and Peac Upside Down Cake (like in the picture above) YUM-E!
I should also be ready to start a new batch of Kefir this coming week so I will post information on Kefir as well. It is a very healthy "drink" to make... and my kids LOVE it.
I must get back to playing with the baby as she is letting me know she does NOT like to be ignored.
Have a Great Evening HUGS

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