Monday, June 29, 2009

Menu Monday

This weeks menu will be pretty simple as I have 2 appointments at the college 2 eves this week. Monday (today) I have my Compass testing and have to leave home at 5pm and then Thursday I have an appt at 6pm with a guidance counselor to get my test results from my testing and also set up a few things. OH and I also have my first doctors appt. on Thursday with my obstetrician.
Breakfast- Cheerios with fresh sliced strawberries and Orange Juice
Lunch- Bologna and Cheese sandwiches, Cheese puffs and homemade strawberry yogurt
Dinner- Crock Pot Sloppy Joes, tater tots and mac n cheese
Breakfast- French Toast and scrambeled eggs
Lunch- PB&J sandwiches, celery sticks, homemade strawberry yogurt
Dinner- Spaghetti, Green Beans and Garlic Bread
More to come in a bit... I have to go look through my cabinets to see what we have!
Be back in just a bit!

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